There’s nothing quite like the charming experience of staying in a historic mansion (with the added comfort of ensuite bathrooms!) Rooms are uniquely decorated in vintage Queen Anne style. All include TV and wireless Internet access. Most have fireplaces. Our keen attention to cleanliness and detail has won us many Housekeeping awards over the years.

Deluxe Suites #2, #8, #9
$90 /single or $115 /double

Superior Rooms #1, #3
$80 /single or $105 /double

Standard Rooms #4, #5
$70 /single or $95 /double

The Cabin
Deluxe Suite #6 – $90 /single or $115 /double
Superior Room #7 – $80 / single or $105 /double

“To wake up to birdsong in a glorious pastoral setting in big brass bed! Have I died and gone to heaven? I love the room and the beautiful Victorian house.” C. Rodeway

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